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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you ensure the protection of both your physical therapy table and your patients?

It’s crucial to maintain your equipment in optimal condition for an extended lifespan. Equally important is the prevention of cross-contamination between patients and adhering to the highest safety standards. Addressing both concerns, disposable exam table covers and face rest covers emerge as the solution. These covers serve a dual purpose: safeguarding the physical therapy table from dirt, oils, and bodily fluids while enhancing the safety and comfort of patients. Notably, the thickness of the exam table paper directly correlates with absorbency, signifying better protection.

What material is used in the manufacturing of exam table paper? 

Whether featuring a crepe or smooth finish, exam table paper is crafted from wood pulp, similar to conventional paper. Frequently, it incorporates a significant portion of recycled pulp, contributing to the eco-friendly aspect of this disposable product.

How should a patient be appropriately draped for a medical examination?

Ensuring privacy, creating a sterile operative field, and upholding patient dignity are integral aspects of preparing for a medical examination, and draping plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. Draping procedures vary depending on the type of consultation, as certain exams necessitate the exposure of specific body parts. Among these, pelvic and hip examinations are often reported as the most challenging, followed by respiratory and cardiovascular exams. In cases like the latter, it’s not obligatory for the patient to expose their entire chest simultaneously.

For situations where only the lower or upper body requires access, instruct the patient to disrobe the relevant area, provide a drape sheet for coverage, and step out of the room to allow the patient to prepare for the treatment. In instances where full-body access is needed, offering a reusable or disposable patient gown for the patient to change into is advisable. The primary objective is to minimize exposed skin by adeptly utilizing a combination of gowns and drape sheets throughout the examination process.

How does crepe table paper differ from smooth table paper? 

Physical therapy table papers, regardless of type, serve the common purpose of safeguarding tables against moisture and dirt, thereby eliminating linen and laundry expenses. While smooth exam table paper prioritizes comfort by resisting crumpling and wrinkling, its crepe counterpart offers a quieter product with an added advantage of textured surface for enhanced durability and absorbency.

What is the correct procedure for using headrest paper? 

When dealing with most physical therapy and examination tables, follow these steps to install the face paper rolls:

  1. Loosen the paper roll bar on the table, insert the face paper roll, and securely reattach the bar to the table.
  2. Pull the end of the paper roll over half of the headrest, guide it under the central support, then extend it over the remaining half of the headrest before tearing it along the cutting edge.

Is it okay to reuse examination table paper?

In addition to safeguarding the examination table and upholding a hygienic surface, physical therapy table paper serves to minimize the potential for cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses among clients or patients. Due to these considerations, examination table paper is designated as a disposable item and must not be reused under any circumstances.