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Adjusting Benches

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a therapy bench?

A therapy bench serves as a valuable tool for individuals of various ages, facilitating the enhancement of posture and balance. Its design caters to optimizing hand and arm movements, contributing to improved performance in learning, play, and daily activities. Diverse therapy benches serve distinct purposes. Take, for instance, the adjustable angle bench, which aids in correcting anterior pelvic tilt and promoting an upright sitting posture, while also increasing weight-bearing through the lower extremities. The adjustable straddle bench fosters balance development, offering the flexibility to either rock or remain stationary. Additionally, the adult angle straddle bench is adaptable, transforming into three distinct benches: a standard bench, an angle bench, and a rocking bench.

How can I determine the appropriate bench to select?

The choice of bench depends on the specific requirements of the patient for whom it is being procured. For individuals seeking improvement in arm and hand functions, tilting therapy benches prove advantageous as they facilitate increased weight-bearing on the feet and aid in the acquisition of postural control. On the other hand, adjustable straddle benches are beneficial in preventing inward bowing of the knees and promoting an optimal seating position.