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What is the cost of a wheelchair?

Generally, wheelchairs come at a considerably lower price point compared to scooters and other motorized devices. The cost of a wheelchair varies based on the manufacturer and model, with bariatric wheelchairs having a higher average price compared to standard or transport chairs.

What is the weight of a wheelchair?

The weight of wheelchairs can range from 20 to 70 pounds, contingent on their size and construction. Most standard wheelchairs typically weigh around 40 pounds. Explore our wheelchair buying guide for more comprehensive insights.

Can wheelchairs navigate on grass?

While wheelchairs can be maneuvered on grass, the effort required for movement increases due to the higher friction and uneven terrain. For extended journeys in grassy areas, it is advisable to travel with a companion who can assist with pushing when needed. Additionally, you may consider accessories such as wider tires or a power assist for smoother navigation.